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Posted 2 years ago

Interview with Tommy Roe (Part 1) - Part 2 to follow tomorrow due to daily upload limit on Tumblr.

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To mark Generate Radio’s second anniversary of continuous broadcasting I am going to do another 24 hour continuous session of presenting. This will take place between 10am on Friday 28th September until 10am on Saturday 29th September (UK times). If you have any special tracks that I could include I would be extremely happy to do so, during last year’s 24 hour show I was privileged to be able to play a couple of exclusive radio debuts and would love to feature more this time round if possible – all genres welcome as long as lyrics are ‘radio friendly’.

If anybody would like to send an ‘audio card’ that could also be played, that too would be great.

I feel so privileged and proud to be a small part of the wonderful team of volunteers that help to keep the station going and give it its unique character. Personally I am so happy to be able to play such a varied mix of music that doesn’t always get the air play that it deserves.

Sadly, being a ‘Radio Station Of The Year’ nominee in the Scottish New Music Awards, for the second year running doesn’t actually pay any bills. We will be using this 24 hour show to help highlight our fund-raising efforts; although all volunteers give their time very generously, there are essential costs that have to be met in order to keep going – these will inevitably increase should we be successful in securing our five year FM Community Radio licence from UK’s OFCOM.

If you were able to support us in any way, I would be so grateful.

In addition to seeking special music tracks and ‘audio cards’ to play; I would also love to be able to speak to people around the world live on-air via Skype. Any musicians who would be in the local area would be more than welcome to come into the studio to play a live session on-air.

Please give this some thought, and let me know if you might be able to help out – any support, in whatever form, will be welcomed with open arms.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

many best wishes,


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Interview with Trushna Patel (Part 1) - broadcast on Generate Radio - 12th June 2012

Posted 2 years ago

Interview with Tivoli Skye, recorded on Monday 30th April 2012 and broadcast on Generate Radio CIC the following day, 1st May.

Posted 2 years ago

Generate Radio interview with Juniper Green on ‘Wind Up The Month’ 7th February 2012 - Part 2 (have to upload in two parts due to Tumblr daily limit)

Posted 2 years ago

Generate Radio interview with Juniper Green on ‘Wind Up The Month’ 7th February 2012 - Part 1 (have to upload in two parts due to Tumblr daily limit)

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So here is the second part of my interview with Tivoli. What about her music? It is certainly a world away from most of the other music that I have reviewed here to date. As I have previously stated, I am no adherent of genres and am quite prepared to listen to anything and decide whether or not I like it. Tivoli’s music is very much a a teen pop performer who sings about things close to her heart associated with life events at home and school, and about love – no surprise then that her latest EP is titled ‘Confessions Of A Teenage Life’. Track titles include ‘First Kisses’, ‘Our Hearts Are One’ and ‘Promise’. Not only is it pop at its purest, it is very lovingly written and performed by a very talented young lady. No espousing of current mainstream trends that extol self-centred pleasure seeking, peppered with thinly veiled references to sexual activity. Tivoli seeks to promote family centred and family friendly ideals, the video that has been produced to accompany ‘Promise’ emphasises this ethos. In line with previous albums/EPs that I have reviewed, it is the fact that each track has its own distinctive sound that particularly appeals to me; no sticking with a single formula here. Listening again to the interview I am reminded of the obvious determination that emanates from her, she is truly grounded and is actively considering viable alternatives to a music career – as an ex-teacher who was deeply involved with careers guidance and vocational prepartion, I found that particularly re-assuring. As far as her music development is concerned she is astute enough to have analysed where she has reached so far and is keen to move on to work in conjunction with a band in order to explore further possibilities. I feel privileged to have been able to discuss her music and aspirations with her and look forward to following her career over the coming months and years.

(p.s. apologies about last couple of replies from Tivoli - I’ll blame Skype!)

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Tivoli Skye may only be sixteen years old but she has been deeply involved in music for over a decade. She began on the piano at age three and wrote her first song at age nine before starting on guitar at eleven. With the apparent trend for people to seek instant success, it is worth recognising that nothing can really beat a dedicated and extensive period of skill development and rigorous practice. Clearly, a commitment to a steady work routine isn’t going to guarantee greatness if there is no creative spark to help raise a performance above mere technical competence. Tivoli has served her apprenticeship and has that extra creative spark and the determination and drive to push herself to further success.

Having supportive and encouraging parents has undoubtedly been a major factor in helping Tivoli to get to her current position with a musical CV that includes two albums and an EP, numerous live appearances and a number of videos available on-line.

Many of her live performances have been at open-mic nights in and around her Rochester (NY) home, but on a different scale was the occasion when she was one of twenty artists selected from many thousands, to appear at a major event in the Mall of America (MOA) in The Twin Cities, Minnesota. By any definition the MOA is one of the largest in North America.

I recently interviewed Tivoli via Skype and broadcast some of that interview recently. Sadly, due to ‘technical issues’ the sound quality during the broadcast was poor and led me to cut the playback short. I have attempted to improve the sound quality and have posted an edited version, with the first of two parts here.

As Tivoli is still at school, and had recently missed time at school due to illness, I recorded it after 10pm UK time, early evening in her time. Thankfully her recovery had gone well enough to enable her to take part in the interview and also restart live performing with a gig the day after we spoke.

'Stand Up – Stand Out' is a slogan that Tivoli has chosen to highlight the anti-bullying message that she is keen to help promote. Sadly such work to give reassurance and support to victims of bullying remains necessary and it is great that people, such as Tivoli, in a position to highlight these issues, are willing to do so.